We will OFFER you SOFTWARE to structure the root-cause-analysis process


We are Canadian distributors for PROACT Suite - PROACT Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and LEAP.

The PROACT® Suite V3.6

The PROACT® Suite software is a powerful, easy-to-use software suite that combines the methodologies of basic Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Opportunity Analysis (OA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). This unique combination provides a synergistic approach to its users and a proven tool to demonstrate quantum Returns-On-Investment (ROI).

  • The PROACT® Suite includes both LEAP and PROACT RCA Software

LEAP™ Software

This software provides a disciplined approach to documenting and communicating both, a basic Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and RCI’s Opportunity Analysis (OA). The basic FMEA provides a disciplined approach to identifying the most critical failure modes, a basic requirement from various regulatory agencies. The OA provides the users with a practical and effective tool to determine the problems/opportunities with the biggest economic impact on the operation; these are the prime candidates for Root Cause Analysis. LEAP™ will store all the analyses in a database .

LEAP™ Features:

  • Allows the user to conduct either a basic FMEA (using probabilistic data) or an Opportunity Analysis (using historical data).
  • Requires the identification of:
    • The scope of the analysis
    • The definition of “Loss”
    • The specific “Loss” types (i.e.. – labour, materials, re-work, fines, lost profit opportunities, etc.)
    • A team charter (terminal objective)
    • Team members
  • Develops the Process Flow Diagram
  • Sets up the analysis worksheet with configurable columns specified.
  • Calculates the “Significant Few” - the 20% of the events that cause 80% of the losses.
  • Automatically generates reports based on data collected throughout the analysis process.
  • Allows analyses either to be published for general viewing or unpublished for business considerations.
  • Integrates with PROACT® RCA software so that the “Significant Few” problems/opportunities can triggered for analysis directly from the LEAP™ program.

 PROACT® RCA Software

This software helps to conduct the highly disciplined PROACT® RCA process from data collection to reporting and tracking results.  A built-in presentation mode facilitates quick presentation of the status of any analysis. PROACT® RCA Software serves as a knowledge management system by storing successful RCA’s and their associated logic, existing analysis should be checked prior to starting new ones to avoid duplication of work and to use them as reference. Special securities allow the Analyst the ability to limit permissions to the ongoing analysis and to publish those completed. 

PROACT® RCA Features:

  • Database search capability to scan through all the analyses completed
  • File Linking to import pictures, document, etc. to assist in proving or disproving hypotheses
  • Printing of Logic Trees on ANSI standard plotter sized paper
  • Security levels allow the Principal Analyst (PA) to determine if their team members can have “read only”, “read/write” and/or “delete” permission for the analysis
  • The PA shall be the only one to “publish” a RCA so that it can be viewed by the rest of the users and copied as a template for others to review
  • Importing of Team Pool members from other databases
  • Optional use of decision gates
  • “Incomplete Outcomes List” feature which allows the user to quickly identify hypotheses which need completing
  • The ability to move hypotheses with a single mouse click
  • A powerful search engine to easily find any hypothesis name or ID number
  • A complete set of analysis reports with customizable table of contents


The PROACT® Suite Advantages:

For Root Cause Analyst it Provides:

  • A standard, structured step-by-step process that will maintain the discipline required for successful analysis
  • Easy documentation of: collected data, team member roles and responsibilities, team charter and critical success factors,
  • Enables team members to share and input data
  • An easy way to build logic trees used to discover the physical, human and latent root causes associated with any undesirable event
  • Standardized reports and bottom line tracking templates
  • Simple recommendation templates to easily document identified causes and recommendations
  • Documented corrective actions that satisfy most regulatory agencies
  • Analysts’ professional presentations on Root Cause Analysis based on facts
  • For completed analysis a format that can be built upon when additional analysis is warranted or a similar problem occurs in another area

For Site Management it Provides:

  • Increased productivity of the analysts
  • Clear and concise reports that greatly facilitate the approval process
  • Improvements that result from corrective actions are tracked and measured, so that all interested parties can follow the results
  • Improved communications between RCA teams and facilitates the exchange of technical expertise throughout the plant site
  • A way to leverage knowledge to consolidate gains, sustain enthusiasm and drive lasting change
  • Using The PROACT® Suite will help encourage a positive, proactive “reliability culture” within your organization and help reduce reactive “fire-fighting” efforts. This could lead to huge savings in maintenance costs and related downtime.